Some Place Else

It’s nearly time.

We’re all so excited.

We’re putting on our best things.


Well not really but it kinda feels that way somehow.


Me, Mum, Dad, and my brother.

Well not Dad really,

more like the new Dad without the problems,

the real version that got buried under all the dirt.


But that all ended when we came here,

best thing we ever did,

truth is we’ve never been happier.


Oh and I nearly forgot all the pets!

I don’t remember having this many at the old place,

but it’s ok, they’re no trouble here somehow.


It’s such a beautiful day.

It always is here somehow.


We all go down to the garden gate, never beyond it,

but it’s OK, cos everyone comes through here that way.


And now it’s time for my sister to come too,

so we sit on stone benches beside the rainbow waterfall,

and wait to surprise her.


I think she’s gonna be real happy to see us all.

She’s the last of us to come over here from the old place.

We’ve been waiting so long cos she was busy.


Well not really long at all now I think of it.


It’s nearly time,

but then again, not really,

because somehow there’s no time over here in the new place.


Somehow all of this already happened,

somehow she never even left,

somehow none of us did.


It was just a game we played once,

some place else.


Old habits die hard I guess.


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