The Results Are In!

Well hepcats, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the results are in from my by-now-world-famous poll titled “A Question for Authors About Pen Names”.

Did I think the poll would be a hit? You bet your bottom dollar I did. Did I anticipate the waves of hysteria it would send rippling through Hollywood? Hell, no Daddio!

I’ve literally had people breaking my door down to take part in this poll. From Crisp Packet to Tumbleweed, the queue stretched right around the block in my mind.

Anyway, the findings are intriguing. Trillions of you seem to be saying that pen names are a good idea. I wasn’t expecting that. So I will meditate on this and maybe go with the pen name after all.

But the overwhelming conclusive immutable undeniable obvious finding that screamed out through the graphs and pie charts is that everyone agrees I’m handsome.

Well well well. The people have spoken.



4 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

    1. Oh thanks Irina. That means a lot hearing that. Sometimes the feedback is thin on the ground. I’d love you to read my book! Cos you’d get the OCD stuff. I worry that it’s too miserable though and it will just make people sad. Oh well I’ve written it now! Just got to tie up the loose ends and get the bugger published. I have no clue what I’m doing – learning as I go.

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