The Shape of My Heart

Beautiful poetry from Sting and Dominic Miller, from an ugly and beautiful film, Leon:



7 thoughts on “The Shape of My Heart

      1. Sting does have a way with words once in a while (being a Geordie). He could learn a thing or two from you, as you have a way with words EVERY time :-)…and that is NO BS either. As well as being utterly telepathic, you are fast becoming unforgettable, love your words 🙂


        1. I’m not sure Sting would appreciate the comparison! (unless it’s my incredibly handsome face obviously).
          Yes, he can put down a good lyric can’t he.
          Aw blimey. You got me again. Thank you so much for your lovely positive vibes of encouragement. Means a lot right now. My self-motivation and hope is definitely in the special needs category.

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