Baby Blue

The story of this band is unacceptably tragic. Like the Stone Roses, their manager was a conniving thief who cynically destroyed their burgeoning stardom. The fallout of this caused a lot of problems for them, and two of the band members ended up taking their own lives. All because of one talentless parasite’s self-serving actions.

I hope there’s a special place in hell reserved for fuckers like that.


Haaaaaaaaanyway, scumbags and sailor talk aside, I love this song of theirs.

Baby Blue by Swansea’s finest, Badfinger:


4 thoughts on “Baby Blue

    1. I’ll be honest – I had to google it but it was Bad Company.
      I wasn’t bargaining on a Badfinger fan asking follow up questions ….

      Just kidding – I’m glad you like it, you have excellent taste Susan.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, isn’t it though? I hate stories like that. I think he eventually had to pay some money back but their career was in tatters regardless. Down with the scumbags. Up with bumbags that’s my motto!
      I know, it needs work.


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