Good Life

Dangerous rumours sometimes surface about the ancient times. The times before the accident.

Rumours of another Doubtpuppet, not confined to a keyboard in a cave for the good of humanity; but a journeyman, a minstrel, a road warrior. Travelling the wastelands, hunting mooks, and waging war on injustice.

They say he frequented nightclubs, and parties with real people and the like. Some say he was even seen dancing and talking to girls.

…. of course that was before the terrible experiments under the mountain …

But I’m afraid I really can’t talk about that.

In the meantime …

Inner City – Good Life:


8 thoughts on “Good Life

    1. Oh really. You know, I never even consider that potential problem. Sorry bout that Susan.
      It’s a bit flawed posting Youtube videos on here. It’s only a matter of time till they get pulled down.
      I can’t help it though!
      If I love a song or piece of music, then everyone else MUST love it in exactly the way I do.
      This is probably how the likes of Simon Cowell and Genghis Khan started. A warning from history.

      Liked by 1 person

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