Living with a Hoarder

Living with a hoarder is

breaking broken things even more

before you throw them out,

so that all feasible hope of fixing them is quashed.


Living with a hoarder is

tearing up boxes,

bodging holes through metal lids,

cutting up plastic tubs with scissors,

and sawing holed shoes in half,

in hope of making them unappealing

even to material junkies.


Living with a hoarder is

finding something you first threw out 14 years ago

after a ferocious battle,

and taking it under armed guard to the rubbish tip,

to throw it out for a third and final time.


Living with a hoarder is

seeing someone you used to respect,

rifling through your rubbish at 2am,

knowing full well you can hear and see him from your bedroom,

but doing it anyway because by now,

he prizes the rubbish more than he prizes you.


Living with a hoarder is

reluctantly undertaking a physical and mental assault course,

every time you have to vacuum the house;

then being attacked for going about it the wrong way,

by the sadist who built it.


Living with a hoarder is

to feel dread any time there’s a knock on the front door,

or when a neighbour engages you in conversation,

or when a tradesman comes to fix the boiler or read the meter,

and all you can do is apologise as you both stand waiting,

watching a madman carefully deconstruct blasphemous cathedrals,

built in demented defiance of natural law,

in worship of the god of junk.


Living with a hoarder is

asking him rhetorical questions like:

“What’s more important: the desk, or Mum’s health?”,

and wincing as you’re forced to set the bar somehow even lower than before,

when he answers “BOTH!”.


Living with a hoarder is

to finally realise that there is no

living with a hoarder.


5 thoughts on “Living with a Hoarder

    1. Thanks a lot for reading it Irina. It’s nice to know it has an effect like that. But I just wish it was a more positive thing and could make you happy instead. Too much ugliness in this world. Once I get through writing about that I’ll start writing about kittens and unicorns! Ha ha ha!

      Liked by 1 person

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