The Anxious Battle for Sanity

I’ve been enjoying the Birdman soundtrack of late. I find it helps scare the monsters back into their hinterland hideouts when I’m trying to read and write out in the wilderness.

Here’s The Anxious Battle for Sanity by Antonio Sanchez:


6 thoughts on “The Anxious Battle for Sanity

  1. I’m listening to this now. I like it!!! Something about percussion sounds really do quiet the mind. I’ve not seen the movie associated, but I’ll tell you, I first assumed it was “Birdman” about the famous Alcatraz inmate Robert Stroud known as the “Birdman”. My step-father was fascinated by him and told me lots of random facts that he’d read about.


    1. I just tried to listen to it and the video was broken. Not sure why. I’ve replaced it with another link.
      I feel the same way about percussion quieting the mind. Certain kinds of jazz help with this. Doesn’t always work, but when you’re in a certain kind of mood it does.
      Birdman is one of those films you’ll likely love or hate. Being contrary, I hated it first time I saw it then loved it the 2nd time(why watch it a second time if you hated it!? good question!).
      It’s a strange movie for sure though – open to different interpretations.
      I’m aware of the Birdman of Alcatraz and I’ve seen the Burt Lancaster version. It’s an unusual story. – a better story than Birdman no doubt!

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    1. It certainly was!!! Yes – the drummer kept showing up in the scenes! Weird choice – great for sountrack sales I bet. Some of these movies are so cryptic I have to watch them 3 times then google what they mean. But when theyre done well, I enjoy trying. Trouble is Im so stoopid I dont even realise they’re cryptic sometimes and just mistake them for bad stories. This happened with Hail Caesar, Inside Llewyn Davies, Birdman and many more.


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