A Playground Gone Wrong.

A playground gone wrong.


The bully made a shit-list of people he’s gonna get.


He gets in with the popular kids,

making up stories about those on the list,

to get the main boys on side.


Then he kicks the shit out of them one by one,

and shakes them down for sweets and lunch money.


Everyone just stands around watching and cheering,

sharing out the sweets afterwards.


If they try to fight back,

everyone crowds around and joins in,

fuelled by the stories he told them.


If anyone defends them,

they get added to the list.


Where are the few good men?

Where are the better angels?


The bully is winning.


15 thoughts on “A Playground Gone Wrong.

    1. That’s interesting. I guess this one has more than two interpretations. I didn’t realise that till after people started commenting. I find that interesting. This behaviour is rife throughout human interactions on a small and large scale.
      Good call.

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      1. It’s a pretty precise and simplified description as to the typical tactics of pathological narcs. They start by quietly telling others ugly things & lies that make them look like a victim and the victim like the bad-guy to prepare for when they take a hard hit against their victim… because then the environment is set up already for them to be the victim of the person they’re destroying. At that point, no one believes what their victim even says really happened. And the “flying monkeys” the narc has created in advance to back him up in destroying someone else are just puppets helping him attack his victim, truly believing the narc is the “good guy” in the scenario from all the set-up work the narc has done prior to his final debasement of his target.
        It’s a classic narc strategy and surprisingly *very* effective.


        1. Ha – I see the truth of it. I didn’t have that in mind when I wrote about it but I can see the parallels now. My father works this way. He provokes arguments with constant passive aggression and abuse, then plays the victim card and tries to twist everything so he was the poor victim. IT’s bloody horrible to be on the receiving end of because unless you think very quickly on your feet and argue cleverly back, there’s a danger he can pull one over on you. Then if you do argue back, he bitches and moans that you are being mean to him with courtroom tactics. ARRRRRGHHHHHHH. It’s seriously like arguing with Satan. Maybe it is arguing with Satan. I know I had enough of it a good 20 years ago. I wonder what my life would look like without it. There are so many creeps around in this world, it feels like there’s a high likelihood of stepping on one of them sooner or later. Hopefully, once bitten, twice shy. Hopefully we’d know the signs and ram a stake through their hearts.
          Good call on the parallel with narcissistic behaviour. It passed me by.

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