Sweet unreachable serenity,
show me your face,
for old times’ sake.

Lift me up,
take me in your arms,
let me sleep in your lap.

Pluck the nails from my palms,
sooth the folds from my brow,
bathe me in your warmth.

Remind me what it is to know love,
until I’m mended enough,
to climb back down into the asylum,
and be broken once more.


9 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. I absolutely adore this. My favorite like it “let me sleep in your lap”, I could almost feel the deep inner sigh of content that putting my head “in the lap” of serenity would no doubt bring as I read those words. ❤️


    1. Yes – I like that line too.
      I wanted to sum up the desire for calm and peace when everything is not like that at all. The closest I come to it is when I fall asleep in my chair and unexpectedly nap. For some reason it’s much better sleep than I get in bed. Just kind of drifting off sideways into that strange hinterland twixt awake and asleep. It feels like this on occasion. A few moments nap does me the world of good. A rare treat. Thank you for reblogging it. I need to get into this reblogging lark. It’s something I’ve never done.

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      1. Isn’t it the oddest thing of all that little naps become the best break? I’m the same! I think it’s that those occur when we aren’t trying and out brain is distracted for a moment and “zzzzzzz” as opposed to going to bed, doing all the bed routine, then climbing in bed and the brain starts working overtime reflecting over every moment of frustration and helplessness all over again.. churning and violently slapping our thoughts around like a vicious storm.
        Hahaha… well, that’s how it happens for me at least! 😉


        1. I suspected that might be the case. Yes it is odd! I dont understand it at all. IT’s frustrating. I’d sleep in the chair all the time but (a) my bum would be numb and (b) I’d know I was doing it so that would then become the bad sleep!
          ARRRGHHHH! I had some bloody horrific sleep when my OCD was at its peak. Alcohol fuelled – 3-4 bad hours a night. Waking up feeling like death – straight into the hungover compulsions before work. There are no words for how bad all of that felt. I felt like I was in hell.

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