Shadow Shiva

Who are you?

You dream spoiler,

spanner in my works,

crusher of new leaves,

innocence defiler,

the catch that always lurks,

prince of equanimity thieves.


The same old adversary,

I’ve been fighting all my life.

Happy anniversary,

my shotgun wedding wife.


I never used to see

your sneak attacks,

timed perfectly,

aligned back-to-back,

to sabotage me.


But I learned to weigh

the usual precursors,

gauge darkness holding sway,

smell milky wet nurses

waiting in the wings,

aching to suckle

the latest bastard spawn

your violation brings.


Satan’s brood put to breast,

inside cuckolded dreams lying torn,

misappropriated precious things

fashioned into a nest,

to cradle our foul offspring,

whom I’m blackmailed to feed;

lest their demented cries,

sow my mind with Devil seed,

which never dies,

but breeds inside,

or damn my eyes,

I must commit infanticide.


Either way you win,

you murder sweet hope,

with demons born in sin,

birthed by succubus bitches,

like pubes placed in my new soap,

like unscratchable itches,

planted underneath my skin.


Sick sadistic shadow Shiva,

hunting me all my days,

misplaced misanthrope,

serial dream cleaver,

following me close always,

chasing me onto the end of a rope

and sneering as you pull the lever.



6 thoughts on “Shadow Shiva

    1. That was intentional Susan. Wait for the next one – it’s going to blow your hat off.
      Sorry! Seriously – thank you for your lovely feedback Susan. This is a messed up poem cos it’s about OCD.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No. No fun. I wish them all the best in their recovery. Unfortunately I only found out I had it after 30 years in ignorance. So I learned to dance with it better more than recovered. They call mine Pure O.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s like all the self-medicating drug addicts/alcoholics that don’t realize that they are suffering from clinical depression. A good doctor could fix them up. I am thankful that you learned how to saddle your OCD and ride it like a bucking bronco!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ha ha – funny you should mention that. I went to the quack in the 90s with it and he and a psychologist misdiagnosed it as clinical depression. Then came the pharmaceutical lazy Susan. Didn’t make a dent in it but made a dent in me. It’s a rough ride out there on your own with a thing like that. Still in the dark ages unfortunately. No-one should have to go through what I went through. I’m happy they seem to know more now but also still a looooot of misinformation about it. Convenient misinfo to make $$$. But that’s a whole other story … and to read about it you’ll have to fork out ONLY $19.99 FOR MY NEW BEST SELLING BOOK. Here’s what people are saying about it Susan:
              Katy Perry: “Doubtpuppet’s New Best selling book is better than sex with Russell Brand!”
              Stephen Hawking: “Bollocks to black holes. I’m quitting and giving my Ph.Ds to Doubtpuppet”
              Captain Kirk: “And I thought I’D boldly gone where no man had been before!?”

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