If there’s a perfect song you resonate with each day, then this is mine today.


Statued – Adem:


2 thoughts on “Statued

  1. Thank you for sharing music again. Most of my music appreciation has tragic nostalgia connected to it in my brain.
    So it’s nice to broaden my musical horizons with stuff that has no memories attached.
    This song is haunting and yet beautifully hopeful at the same time. I like it!


    1. HA – that is a perfect summary of this song. Yes I agree! I love it. It’s funny about those associations with old stuff isn’t it. It is refreshing to hear some good new stuff.Hard to find though. You have to listen to a LOT of crap to get to it! I find music cathartic, maybe even healing sometimes. I need it to get things done, in the background.

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