Intrepid Lambs!

Intrepid lambs refuse to yield,

and wait for death behind the hedge.

They slip the gate and flee the field,

and stray beyond the gulag’s edge.


In disbelief at what they’ve done,

they wander sheepish down the lane.

Inept to bank this prize they’ve won,

they scramble back inside again.


An ugly sight for passing cars,

two jailbirds with no wings to fly,

resigned to hang in abattoirs,

a vulgar way for lambs to die.



10 thoughts on “Intrepid Lambs!

    1. I’m afraid so 😦
      They were very cute, real characters, but ultimately, there was nowhere for them to go, so they pranced around a bit then bleeted at us, then went back into the field. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this either. Bothers the hell out of me every time.They’re beautiful creatures those lambs.

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    1. Seems wrong doesn’t it. They’re such lovely harmless animals. I saw thousands of them driving through those valleys, little lambs skipping about and feeding from their mothers. There’s something fundamentally wrong with this place if that’s the way we’re meant to survive. Maybe if we had to hunt and prepare our meat, it would put a different complexion on it.

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  1. I didn’t even notice!
    I suppose sheer is that mathematical transform where a shape is stretched. So yeah, sheared is better in that context! Well we all would. But what was unlearned could be learned again. I went on a course where we had to prepare stuff for our dinner. The hare was serious hard messy work. You realise after a bit that people’s days used to be literally filled with the business of hunting, preparation, shelter, fire, maintenance. They didn’t have time to have issues and they couldn’t afford to fall out with the others.Of course I’m making all of this up – they could have roller skated around playing ping pong for all I know. I wasn’t there!
    I get the feeling you would be better at that stuff than most, given the opportunity to learn.

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  2. Thank you 🙂 If roller skating was required I’d be an epic fail. But I was good at ping pong 😀
    It’s true; in times past everything was about survival. Now with all modern conveniences people have more time to make war, ruin the environment, snapchat and shop online for things they don’t need but everyone on FB has one so they must as well. 😀


    1. Cela mademoiselle c’est la verité!
      (that means “a pound of your best pears please!” in French)
      I don’t think I have ever rollerskated. I tried ping pong but the bat was broken and the ball kept missing it or ricocheting all over the room. Stupid defective ping pong set!
      We do fill that extra time with some bizarre old nonsense don’t we. Take this for instance!


    1. I will update your dossier to reflect this new information!
      I wonder if anyone ever asked for a pound of your worst pears. I bet someone did. Why is the part I can’t work out.
      Blogging is educational in the same way that playing computer games is 😀

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