Stupid Holes

I changed my shoes and changed my clothes,

so I could be the things they like,

but still they were not thrilled with those,

not even with my motorbike.


I joined a gym and changed my hair,

I got my arms and back tattooed.

They didn’t see or didn’t care,

and some of them were even rude!


I changed my tastes and changed my voice,

I copied what I thought they dug,

but still they didn’t dig my choice,

and made me feel a proper mug.


I had enough of hunting ghosts,

of fitting through their stupid holes.

When fools keep changing round the posts,

your time is wasted chasing goals.


So now I only please myself,

my friends are few but they are true.

It’s better for my mental health,

and maybe it could be for you?



13 thoughts on “Stupid Holes

  1. I love it! This is greatness. Reminds me of so many things, feelings, of the book I’m reading, of the desperate desire to change for someone I loved, every time, knowing at the same time that whatever I did it wouldn’t be good enough, so I quit on time. This is also wisdom, I hope, to please yourself, to value yourself, to never again care about what the other people want. If I understood right.


        1. Damn. I didn’t even know that was in there or I’d have kept it for myself! I thought it was all odd socks, broken cups, and my dad’s pants.
          I must be more careful with my goody bag etiquette in future!
          Oh well enjoy your prize!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I’m afraid dad’s pants is the closest mystery prize to what you ask for. Grandma’s been gone a good 35 years now. It’d be weird if I kept her bra and stuff. No-one would understand!

              Another funny song recommendation eh? Hmmmmmmmmm. I don’t know if I can deliver GENIUS on demand. You know not what you ask Irina!

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. I am saying nothing which may later incriminate me in a court of law. I am entitled to one telephone call to my solicitor(I don’t have a solicitor!(but you don’t know that – he he he)). Until then I’m saying nothing!!

                      Liked by 1 person

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