Hand Fart Mozart

Anyone subscribed to Pewdiepie will probably already know about this. But it made my day(yes, yes, I’m that infantile – deal with it!) so I had to share it. It really helps if you’ve seen the duelling banjos scene from the movie Deliverance:



6 thoughts on “Hand Fart Mozart

  1. What was he thinking?? Did he practice? Does he have an entire CD of other renditions? Can he do arm pit farts, too? Would that make him ambidextrous? bilingual? multi-talented? somebody you would NOT want to shake hands with, that is for sure.


    1. Susan, he does not have an anus in his hand. It’s a common misconception but the farts are synthetic!
      Ahhh you made me larf there 😀
      Hey I can do armpit farts. I should do a video. Maybe I could get on Jimmy Kimmel too. Mind you I cant do different notes so security would probably just throw me out the back door. I can make my niece and nephew laugh though.
      I would argue this hand fart guy has taken it too far. It’s too good and doesn’t seem believable!
      That said, it did still have me in hysterics yesterday.
      I just remembered I can play William Tell’s overture my flicking my cheeks.And I can also play loads of songs by banging my teeth together. I think I am what scholars refer to as a polymath.


  2. Ahh! You’re always sending me to google. Last time it was some word that meant low class wannabees; today it is “polymath”. You do expand my life’s knowledge. FYI, to anyone who doesn’t know what “polymath” is … Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, “having learned much”


    1. Low class wannabes? You had to google X Factor? I’m amazed.
      Oh so that’s what polymath means. Well well well. You live and learn. I thought it was how parrots do calculus.


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