19 years since I bought this single.



I’m just off to flush my head down the toilet.


Haaaaaaaanyway I bought this down the smoke while I was staying in some student accommodation near The Barbican, learning to programme in COBOL for a job that would never start. But I wasn’t to know that then. Me, Andy and Simon would roam about at night like feral dogs looking for some new place to spend our luncheon vouchers and get drunk. In retrospect, all three of us were way too cool to work in stupid boring IT. The City ground to an eerie halt at 9pm. It was like I Am Legend after that.

Not to be defeated, I showed the boys the old break-into-the-poorly-defended-student-bar-with-a-spoon trick.

He he he he he he heeeeeeeee.

And that served us well.

Until the Spaniards showed up.

But that my friends is another story.

A story you will not be hearing because you FUCKIN FAILED TO LIKE THE LAST SONG RECOMMENDATION.

Oh you’ll learn you petulant libertines!

You’ll learn.

If it kills me, you’ll learn to love my song posts.

Now go to your bedrooms and think about that.

Intergalactic – The Beastie Boys:


Me, Andy and Simon, too cool to work in IT:



11 thoughts on “Intergalactic

  1. Alas no, I’ve been doing battle with a madman’s garden. I won in the end but it was a close run thing.
    I wish I was wise. You are too kind! The book is written(I think)(it has to be) – I just have a load of evil red tape nonsense to wade through now.
    Thanks again for the reblog. I’ve never reblogged anything I don’t think. I don’t know if that’s a blog etiquette thang.
    So tempted to kick back and write blog posts but I’ve been down that road before and I know where it leads so I shall reluctantly abstain. Grrrrrrr.


      1. Nah – I’m self publishing. Doing it all myself. No agents, no middle men. It’s harder but will work out better in the end. More control, less blind alleys. More spondulicks. I’m afraid I do need the money. I dont think Im going to make much though with the drivel I’m churning out! ha ha ha(cut to me curled up in a ball crying)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No, the blog post I put out about your book got over 300 hits. People do see you! We all have forms of OCD and Depression. I do for sure. I am waiting to buy your book. I want you to publish it or put it on Kindle.


          1. Oh bless you Tiffany. I really appreciate your kind support with the book. I seriously hope not too many people have the kind of OCD have! You’ll see me in a whole new light after reading that one!
            Yes I must get my head out of my arse and get back on it now Ive rceovered from gardening. I have to screen everything out to stand a chance of getting anything done unfortunately. It’s a constant battle for me. All or nothing for some reason. And now I am a taxi! Hurrah.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. haha! You must write it was what I should have done all day but I’ve daydreamed, complained, cooked and meditated. I need to break free too. I must also focus on healthy eating. Due to shopping online bought naughty stuff like Curly Fries, Cake and Jaffa Cakes! WTF! Go and write. Blogging is fun though isn’t it!


              1. Jaffa Cakes – “the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!”
                I am a bit of a sucker for chocolate. And booze. And fags. I have to not have those things in the house or theyre gone. Luckily I cant afford them any more.
                Blogging is fun and addictive because of the dopamine hits when messages/likes arriv. The gangstas who run social media sites are no fools! They know what pushes our buttons. Sometimes brutal measures are required to block it out. Bloomin hard though.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. You’re right and I know a bit about dopamine. I have a friend who suffers yet never complains and gives her entire life to saving animals. She is a very strong friend and I admire her so much. Her mind is often tortured. Enjoy writing your book and getting it finished!


                  1. That’s a beautiful way to live a life I think. My old yoga teacher and his wife do the same. they’re operating on a different level.
                    Yes – truth be told I had an apocalyptically bad book day yesterday. It happens. So I need to be a Jedi master today. Speak soon!


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