Hey you be David, I’ll be cigarettes.

No it’s on, not in.

It’s ain’t, not aint.


And back and forth,

taking turns with the paint brush,

strutting our wordy stuff,

little flourishes,

to build a conversation,

neither one of us could have alone.


My one and only collaborator.


We let each other in for just a second,

but starved within an inch of our lives,

and lacking proper table manners,

we rushed in too quickly,

impaled through camouflaged clothes,

on badly hidden prickly

centres too late revealed,

inevitably drawing blood,

and tarnishing our deal.


Retreating to familiar ateliers,

to reupholster breached linings,

to repad them double-thick,

to resew tattered seams unpicked.


The shortest lived of double acts,

resolved not to let them in again.


Then out of the blue,

you reached out to me again.


I’ll never know how much you risked,

to make that scary tightrope trip,

and all you needed in return,

was a little recognition,

a faint reciprocation,

a half-met invitation,

a fool uncaging

an unwanted raven,

whose off-key squawks

were haunting the aviary.


But home-schooled in the economy of vendetta,

I pushed you away,

with a flourish,

like a cheap lacklustre wannabe hustler,

muscling in to grasp the low hanging fruit,

to shoot an honest messenger.

No honour in it.


And now you’re gone,

and now there’s no-one,

to reach out and touch today,

no collaborator to come out and play,

no one there to grab and say

I’m sorry,

and I’m still learning here.




J. Miller November 22, 1967 – July 10, 2017

Wherever you are, I hope you’re dancing girl.


16 thoughts on “Diablo

          1. There’s big shifts in the universe too. Last week was a complexed one but this week, things are lifting. I read a good piece about self publishing that I can no longer find. The woman self published to Kindle and sold millions etc. Took time. She said she made herself write 5k words a day.
            V inspiring.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Amazing. Seems there’s few who can juggle all of life’s demands and throw that much at it. IT all depends what youre writing as well. So if it’s like pulp/romance, it might be easier churning out 5k words than say, a sci fi thing that needs researching and working out as you go. I listened to a lot of podcasts about it. I fear my memory is catching up with me!
              Ah – astrology. I know a couple of people you’d get on well with!

              Liked by 1 person

                1. Yeah, while I don’t find poems easy to write(if they’re any good anyway!), the poetry was certainly the easier part of the bargain. But the supporting sections, the cover, and learning what’s required to get it out there have proved more difficult. It’s a learning curve. But once I’ve done it it will get easier the next time. I didnt help myself in this case by incrementally adding more and more poems. MAybe a bad move in retrospect. I’ve drawn a hard line under it now though. So it won’t be too long. Fact is it’s hard for a perfectionist to do anything remotely quickly. And I have already had to make a lot of compromsies on this book. The way these 5k a day self publishers work is veeeeery different indeed. IT’s like a production line. And if I want to make a go of it sadly I need to be less like me and more like them. I just don’t want to write crap if I can help it!
                  “But you’re already writing crap!”
                  “Ah ahaddap!”


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