Pre-Launch Book Review Request

Sherwyn Jellico - Author

Long time no see people!

It’s been all go here. Seriously, I’ve had more problems than a blind man in a minefield. As such, it’s taken me longer than anticipated to get my first book ready for launch.

My book, Begging the Question, is a collection of over 150 poems about OCD and depression, with supporting sections about these disorders and my journey with OCD. Finally there’s a controversial look at how disorders like OCD get exploited by governments and private enterprise for profit. Most of the poems are written in rhyme and metre, but there are a few exceptions.

I’m very close to launch now. A lot of books are self-published nowadays and they tell me it’s hard to get noticed without reviews and marketing. So in my meagre way, I’m trying to do some of that first.

As such, I just wondered if any of you might be interested in reading a…

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Launch Book Review Request

    1. Thank you very much Tiffany – I really appreciate that. I will email you once I’ve finished this last minute editing I’m suddenly doing(!) and once I’ve uploaded the file somewhere you can grab it. To be continued …

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        1. Ha ha – OK Ill try! Been a hard slog getting here that’s for damn sure! Now, if your website is a kind of upbeat self help kind of deal, it might not be a good fit just to warn you. It rocks the boat about therapy and pills I’m afraid! Thought it best to warn you in case you put it on there and it offends people, yknow?
          Staying focusses, I have discovered, is not my strong suit. Literally he only way I can achieve anything is by closing everything else out. Which is a shame really cos I’d like to do a bit of everything, but that’s just how I’m put together!

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