Begging the Question – Book Launch

Well my good buddy Sherbert Jellybabies has been at it again.

He’s finally released his amazing book, Begging the Question!

It’s a book of over 150 poems about OCD and depression, with supplementary sections discussing these disorders, a (somewhat onanistic) look at his life with OCD, and a shocking(and that is a word I assure you I reserve for only very special occasions people) look at how government and private enterprise profits from such conditions.

Ohh I forgot to put my shocking socks on today – no wonder my shocking feet are cold!

But I shockingly digress!

So Sherbert’s new book is done, it’s out, there’s a huge buzz about it in Hollywood apparently. My agent used the words “film franchise” and “Tom Cruise”. She actually said those words. Or was it Tom Sizemore? Or maybe she was talking about her new Tom Tom? Oh who even KNOWS!

The important thing is that they’re going to make this book into a multi-trillion dollar superhero film franchise, starring Tom Selleck, and that’s something we can all start looking forward to I think.

Congratulations Sherbert – light up a cigarette, pop that bottle of Dom Pe-rig-non and be careful not to disturb the ceramic penguin.


10 thoughts on “Begging the Question – Book Launch

    1. I will pass your kind comments onto Sherwyn. If I can even get hold of him that is – he’s already acting all la-di-da now he’s the toast of Hollywood. Typical!
      But I thank you on his behalf oh kind Mermaid.

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      Ah you silly Sausage Susan, You coulda downloaded an advance copy! Sherwyn can’t do that now though cos Amazon have forbidden him 😦
      But thank you very much indeed for buying Sherwyn’s(!) book. I really appreciate that(on his behalf of course). I’ve always thought very highly of you. And I know Sherwyn has too.
      I was going to say that if you’re in Amazon Prime, I think it’s “free” because Kindle Unlimited is included in the Prime deal. But of course it comes out of your subscription charges really, so you’re still paying for it. But it sounds like maybe they did end up charging you. Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser. I hope you dig Sherwyn’s book(Jeez how long must I keep this childish subterfuge up!?)(AS LONG AS IT TAKES!)(OK!). If not, then let me know, and I’ll fill you in on Sherwyn’s lengthy and excruciatingly painful complaints procedure. No one’s survived it as yet, but who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky!?

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