work poem #1

At odds with God’s imposed impermanence.


I try to look away

from stains that blight

my psyche’s firmament,

all colours blackened by their backlight.


Each day they’re blotting out more sky,

to leave less stars for me to gaze at,

to face away from unfair endings,

from that impending starless night,

which any day now will take hold.


Then I will lose this fading light.

Stars took lost sailors home we’re told.

Oh how I dread this coming night.


4 thoughts on “work poem #1

    1. Thank you very much for reading it Susan and for your lovely observations.

      Now why ain’t you writing Susanator? Hmmm? Mermaid’s producing gorgeous paintings and stories like a flippin folklore power station, I’m writing miserable poems like they’re going out of fashion, and all the other people are doing their thang. But no Susan stories? It won’t do Susan! Do you hear me? IT WON’T DO!

      I bet you are writing too, just not on the blog. Dish the dirt Susan. Nosey minds need to know! (just tell me here in this private place and I won’t tell anyone else I promise)


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