Sherbload Jellycakes

Hey gangbangers!

Happy pre-Christmas collective fucking consumer violation!

Later on this month I’ll be photocopying my hairy arse at work and performing adultery with Tanya from accounts in the stationery cupboard, shortly before losing my job in the most humiliating and awkward fashion. Hopefully I can also shoehorn in a bit of road rage and a massively inappropriate argument with my rancid sister before this whole hijacked Roman shit storm burns itself out. Who KNOWS, I may even take up smoking again before the end(remembers he can’t afford the 10000% tax the bastards have put on tobacco, sighs).

But, yknow, peace and good will to all men … and yeah, angels and Jesus and sheeeeee-iiit!

Oh, er, and I nearly forgot why I was here!£”%$!…

Just a lil heads up that Sherwyn Jellico, world renowned lover, plus wannabe author(pppppffffffffffft), is so desperate to get rid of his stupid smelly failure of a poetry book that he’s made it free until 5th December!

Now if I know book marketing like I think I know book marketing, there’s about to be a bit of a stampede over at yonder Amazon book store!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, that’s why Sherwyn pays me the big bucks.

So go grab your free book quick, before he realises what he’s done!

You’re welcome Jelly baby, you desperate handsome bastard you.

All contradictions, ulterior motives, and seasonal adjustment confusions aside though, I hope that you and yours manage, somehow, to manifest some peace and pleasantness this Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Sherbload Jellycakes

    1. Oh this isn’t vitriol Susan.
      This is kittens playfully licking fingers!

      But thanks for saying you could read it all day long! I could write it all day long!

      (cut to reality of some psycho kidnapping me and making me put my money where my mouth is and write this kind of thing all day long. I’d run out of ideas within about 1/2 an hour and curl up into a ball begging to be released)


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