It Puts the Song Recommendation on its Skin …

What do you get if you cross a teenage night out drinking questionably strong local ale at a pub with a canal barge for a bar, a December Sunday hangover, and a hitherto undiscovered record called “Pet Sounds” borrowed from the local record library?

An indelible Christmas memory bitchiz, that’s what!!!

That’s right gangbangers! It’s time to bend over and take your song recommendation like the loyal acolytes you are. YES that means you too old lady cowering at the back. Don’t think you get a free pass just because you’re new and scared.

Don’t fight it. It makes it so unpleasant for us both when you fight it. Lie back and breathe in the song’s vapours. Feel recommended…


4 thoughts on “It Puts the Song Recommendation on its Skin …

    1. Don’t feel bad Susan. It’s typical cook behaviour – those jerkoffs are always in a mood with their coworkers.
      I worked nights in a hotel once and made the mistake of asking the chef who was on that morning for some breakfast(after being specifically told by my manager to ask the chef for breakfast in the morning as it would be “no problem”). Jesus Harold Christ, I think the miserable fecker put a chef voodoo on that poor breakfast. I didn’t want to eat it but also I was too scared no to. His colleague was kinder but then I realised it was all a ruse to get me to take part in his pyramid scheme. I was too cunning for him though, and built only cubes instead. This is the worst thing I ever wrote. Pray for me.

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