Red Dirt Girl

Feeling strangely empty now that Christmas is over?

Feel like you’ve been gypped by Santa?

Do those gifts that looked so enticing just 2 days ago now look like so much shabby mass produced plastic crap mocking you from the corner of the room?

Well never fear, because Daddy’s here to sit you on his knee and gift you with one of his de luxe song recommendations, as endorsed by Her Majesty the Queen*** and Sting ****

I know right – it’s like a second Christmas!?

You’re welcome gang!

I give you the gorgeous Emmylou Harris with Red Dirt Girl:











*** Not the real Queen, but Her Majesty the Queen of Legoland*****

**** Not Sting the world famous rock star, but Sting my pet wasp who I keep in a jar under my bed******

***** Not the real Legoland, but my private Legoland that I built here*******

****** No I will not agree to provide evidence to back this up and you cannot make me so just sod off and stop picking on me or I’ll get my dad on you and he’s even more of a mental asshole than I am so fair warning!

******* No I do not conduct tours of my private Legoland and I chose the name before the proper one did, so if anything, I could sue them, and I’ve got my legal team on standby just in case that eventuality arises********

******** On the miniscule offchance that anyone from Lego is actually reading this, first of all I’m very flattered that you’re reading my blog and I’ve always been a big fan of Lego, and furthermore I did write to your company once in the 80s with photos of a big spaceship I built saying that Lego could use it as one of their official kits but you cruelly declined my kind offer, but it’s OK cos I’ve since forgiven you, but that’s not important now – JUST KNOW that I’ve not been feeling very well lately and cut me some slack on the whole trademark unpleasantness please


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