Goodbye Horses

“Ohhh waaaiiiit …. was she a great big fat person?”



Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses:


19 thoughts on “Goodbye Horses

        1. It is a great song in its own right to be fair. Just forever tarnished with the image of a serial killer creepily pretending to be a lady and dancing in the mirror! (I noticed you guys pronounce it “meer” like meerkat. We say “mih-ruh”)


      1. I listened to it as I was doing the laundry(rock on!) and now I’m listening to it again. It’s a strong song Susong! Good call. My metal exposure was limited – the lads I hung out with at school were all into it but I was the weird odd one out. I dont know why they accepted me into their group with my flat top and jumbo cords and Motown weirdness.
        All I know is I’d have taken a rock grenade for those glorious long haired bastards.

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