The Drugs Don’t Work

For Richard.

Godspeed old pal …



22 thoughts on “The Drugs Don’t Work

    1. Oh ignore me – I know what you mean now – the video for Bittersweet Symphony. It rang a bell, then I looked. Been a loooong time since I saw that video! Yeah he’d get in trouble walking down the street like that wouldn’t he. I would anyway. I don’t get away with anything. I did knock a man flying off a train in London once, but he was behaving like an absolute jackass and stopping me getting off at my stop! I was polite first! But then he ignored me which was rude and, well, the train was going to leave, so he had to take a tumble. The silly arse. A girl screamed. I thought “yeah very dramatic – I bet you wouldn’t scream if I missed my stop!”.
      It was missionary work really. Many fools in London.

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      1. It’s like this invasive vine that is taking over America, tree by tree. Whole forests are covered by this creeping perverse plant! And I don’t think we can get rid of it. Kudzu! That’s the name of this green evil spreading north here 😱

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