Train Poem #6

As life unfolds the mirror keeps the beat,

reflecting back our progress through the song.

We look each time we stop to turn the sheet,

and when we get the words or music wrong.


We learn to read the symbols and the signs,

the artifacts the song leaves on the page.

The empty book is soon filled up with lines,

and then it’s time to bow and leave the stage.


9 thoughts on “Train Poem #6

        1. Well I can write SQL if that’s any help:

          tb_gnomes AS GN
          tb_guardians AS GR ON GN.gnome_ID = GR.guardian_ID
          GN.first_name = ‘Henri’ and GR.first_name =’Magick Mermaid’

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    1. Awwwwwww thank you Susan. It warms my cockles knowing that you like my poem. I smiled even through my vile head and tummy ache. I think it’s high time you wrote us something though young lady. The crap ratio is out of control on the blogosphere. It needs some of that old Goldstein magic 😉


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