Yeah that’s right I’m saying hey to you. You’re my hey guy now. Hey. (Now you say it back).

That’s right.


So hey.

Sorry gang                               (bangers)   (pffft)

Since Christmas I’ve really dropped the ball with the whole reciprocating reads thing. Hard to say why – illness, death, life, work, madness. I dunno if I can really keep this social media malarkey up anyway. Damn shame though cos I like doing the blog but I’m not managing my free time very well. And I friggin well need to be.

Way too much deer in headlights jive going on here. Too much sickly drifting and out of phase days. Need to rein this stupid shit in somehow. But it’s just not happening. I get into these vicious funks without even trying. Then eventually I bare knuckle fight my way out again and feel like I’ve finally made it. Then it instantly starts slip sliding and degrading again.



Yes! Yes it is a silly way to carry on. Bloody silly. So just bloody stop it. (that was to me).

I’ve bookmarked lots of things I failed to reciprocate and wot not. I hope I get around to it. The guilt stabs me with little daggers whenever I think of it. Too many accusers in pursuit. I tire of it. Give me just one day without that and I will give you the head of Alfredo Garcia.

Anyway I digestive biscuits. Thank you for all the reads and likes and wot not. I don’t deserve em but it’s much appreciated.

And here’s a cheeky song recommendation to randomly violate you with while you’re here.

Yeah so … don’t say I never give you nothing doll face …

Sarah Jaffe – Clementine:



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