Train Poem #7

Moving through the morning snow

have to go so careful slow

driving sliding to and fro

watching mountain ranges grow

in the road where tyres don’t go

opaque snakes of snowflakes blow

floating in my headlights’ glow

weather man said 6 below

feeling like an eskimo

trudging through the white plateau

found a thing I used to know

stolen by the status quo

motions mean more when they’re slow

closer to the cosmic flow

rushing leaves us feeling low

caged behind the line we toe

robots reaping what we sow

lessons learned in morning snow


7 thoughts on “Train Poem #7

  1. Excellent reminder! We are so busy rushing about in the quest for achievement. Only when we slow down can we really see behind the curtain. And possibly change the quest into something truly meaningful.


    1. Thanks Majestic Mermaid! Well, maybe it’s just me but I feel like the pace I’m expected to run at normally is one I’m simply not designed for. So it damages me. When things slow down I’m more comfortable. I like how the snow imposes that on everyone as well as me. Thanks for the comment x


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