Iambic ##ntameter (a.k.a. Work Poem #7)

I find myself benevolently blessed,

I guess God made me better than the rest.

For me the normal rules do not apply,

I am a healthy kind of self-obsessed.


I’m not what one would call a humble guy,

I win while honest losers only try.

A wolf will never follow like a sheep,

I tell them “Jump!” and they reply “How high?”.


I’m careful of the company I keep,

I coldly throw the rejects on the heap.

The trick is not to listen or look back,

I whistle and I walk off while they weep.


I’ve got these gifts which normal people lack,

I sort out situations they can’t hack.

My actions make me stand out from the crowd,

I’ll always be the leader of the pack.


I talk into my telephone too loud,

I’m not ashamed to show the world I’m proud.

This leaves some people anxious and distressed,

I’m sorry if you’re not so well endowed.



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