Afore Ye Go

  Do you think you led a good life? Do the others think so too? Did you add a touch of sunlight, to the rooms you wandered through?   Did you value other people, over eminence and things? Did your kindness at least equal, all your arrows and your slings?   Did you sell your … More Afore Ye Go


Shadow embryos, half-sparks, would-be sons and daughters, flirting with my focus, aching to be courted, waiting to be watered, to put down some roots, to put up some shoots, to grow branches and fruits, to hook in passers-by, to look into my mind’s eye, to milk me till I’m dry, to drink down my poison, so they in … More Contagion

Jeux Sans Frontiers

Games Without Frontiers – Peter Gabriel: (In the incredibly unlikely event that Peter Gabriel’s reading this, pleeeeeeeeeease consider changing it to “if looks can kill they probably will” – thank you sir.)


Yes, in my bid to win the “saddest bastard on the planet” award, I have actually been watching The Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t judge me. I can feel your judgement. I don’t care – it kinda reminds me of happy times in the 70s, even if it is a big steaming pile of poo these days. It … More Eurovision