It Puts the Song Recommendation on its Skin …

What do you get if you cross a teenage night out drinking questionably strong local ale at a pub with a canal barge for a bar, a December Sunday hangover, and a hitherto undiscovered record called “Pet Sounds” borrowed from the local record library? An indelible Christmas memory bitchiz, that’s what!!! That’s right gangbangers! It’s … More It Puts the Song Recommendation on its Skin …


Emerging from an idea back into the war back into a world of fear that rotten place I left before that forgotten place where spotlights come at you from all angles shining into every locked box and crack that place where interactions tend to feel like an attack where music’s played too loud and fast … More Avoidance

Return of the World Renowned Doubtpuppet Song Recommendations(you cryin bruh????)

Some people might get some pleasure out of hate Me, I’ve enough already on my plate People might need some tension to relax Me, I’m too busy dodging between the flak What you see is what you get You’ve made your bed, you better lie in it You choose your leaders and place your trust … More Return of the World Renowned Doubtpuppet Song Recommendations(you cryin bruh????)


Come bring your over-burdened vessel pour it out on the sacred ground bring all the pretty things you made bare your chest and loins bring your best it’s good to talk and surely once you’ve talked you’ll be at rest   Hike barefoot through the badlands across the burning salt bed floor your thirst will … More Tithe

Last Leaves

Sitting here tonight recalling, sitting there last week observing, lamenting the last leaves falling. A sure wind nibbling at their fingers, loosening their fading purchase, fading colour betrayed fading purpose. Thieves crept into their crib one night, and marked their vital lives as surplus. Oh how that empty treeline makes me nervous.

Sherbload Jellycakes

Hey gangbangers! Happy pre-Christmas collective fucking consumer violation! Later on this month I’ll be photocopying my hairy arse at work and performing adultery with Tanya from accounts in the stationery cupboard, shortly before losing my job in the most humiliating and awkward fashion. Hopefully I can also shoehorn in a bit of road rage and … More Sherbload Jellycakes