Blue Sky Oscar

Well it looks like the awards buzz has hit Hollywood again, and The Academy(Susan) has seen fit to nominate me for an Oscar for most handsome blogger(the Blue Sky Tag). I’m not even going to get into the whole “What the HELL is a Blue Sky Tag anyway?” debate. That would be undignified at this … More Blue Sky Oscar

Begging the Question

Well, well well. Well, well, well, well, well well, well, well, well. I could go on … I told you I’d be back if you were naughty. And I’ve been hearing the most disturbing rumours. (Susan, please see me in my office after the post). Noooooo, I’m just popping back to tell you all about … More Begging the Question

Afore Ye Go

  Do you think you led a good life? Do the others think so too? Did you add a touch of sunlight, to the rooms you wandered through?   Did you value other people, over eminence and things? Did your kindness at least equal, all your arrows and your slings?   Did you sell your … More Afore Ye Go


Shadow embryos, half-sparks, would-be sons and daughters, flirting with my focus, aching to be courted, waiting to be watered, to put down some roots, to put up some shoots, to grow branches and fruits, to hook in passers-by, to look into my mind’s eye, to milk me till I’m dry, to drink down my poison, so they in … More Contagion