The Big Country

(Unless my cousin is a massive bullshitter) I found out earlier that my grandad once met Burl Ives. Which makes this the ideal time to hit you with my favourite Western theme ever. The theme from The Big Country by Jerome Moross, played here by The John Wilson Orchestra:

The Rotten Onion

Full up on death, disease and loss, life shed its kinder colours. Time weathered off the outer gloss, and peeled away the covers.   There’s things that don’t add up down here, such things are not for knowing. Left watching loved ones disappear, unsure of where they’re going.

You Say Tomayto

Intoxicated by a collective delusion of freedom   Choose how to wear your hair while they wrench you away from your family and break your human spirit on the wheel   Choose which hole to be hammered through to render you a grotesque servile peg in their collection   Choose which box to travel in … More You Say Tomayto

The Wicked Ones

The wicked ones are winning, it happened overnight, corruption’s underpinning, all activities in sight.   The honest folk are losing, they never stood a chance, the wicked ones are using them, to do their crooked dance.   I think it goes in cycles, from darkness into light, like chains of Christmas light bulbs, which waiver … More The Wicked Ones

I Drove All Night

Given originals and cover versions, I’ll usually go with the original on general principle. And as much as I love Roy Orbison, Cyndi Lauper rocks the living stuffing out of this song. Orbison must’ve been rolling in his grave when he heard it. Did those glasses really help his eyes I wonder? I’m no optometrist … More I Drove All Night