Begging the Question – Book Launch

Well my good buddy Sherbert Jellybabies has been at it again. He’s finally released his amazing book, Begging the Question! It’s a book of over 150 poems about OCD and depression, with supplementary sections discussing these disorders, a (somewhat onanistic) look at his life with OCD, and a shocking(and that is a word I assure you I reserve … More Begging the Question – Book Launch

Begging the Question

Well, well well. Well, well, well, well, well well, well, well, well. I could go on … I told you I’d be back if you were naughty. And I’ve been hearing the most disturbing rumours. (Susan, please see me in my office after the post). Noooooo, I’m just popping back to tell you all about … More Begging the Question