Out there, wandering the pitch black badlands, of demonic jazz improvisation, I stumbled on a clue, which led me to the revelation, that my uniquely fucked up thing, was not just my thing after all, but a shared thing.   So now I have a label, and fellow sufferers, and a whole taxonomy of facile terms … More Circular

Sherbload Jellycakes

Hey gangbangers! Happy pre-Christmas collective fucking consumer violation! Later on this month I’ll be photocopying my hairy arse at work and performing adultery with Tanya from accounts in the stationery cupboard, shortly before losing my job in the most humiliating and awkward fashion. Hopefully I can also shoehorn in a bit of road rage and … More Sherbload Jellycakes

Begging the Question – Book Launch

Well my good buddy Sherbert Jellybabies has been at it again. He’s finally released his amazing book, Begging the Question! It’s a book of over 150 poems about OCD and depression, with supplementary sections discussing these disorders, a (somewhat onanistic) look at his life with OCD, and a shocking(and that is a word I assure you I reserve … More Begging the Question – Book Launch

Begging the Question

Well, well well. Well, well, well, well, well well, well, well, well. I could go on … I told you I’d be back if you were naughty. And I’ve been hearing the most disturbing rumours. (Susan, please see me in my office after the post). Noooooo, I’m just popping back to tell you all about … More Begging the Question

Shadow Shiva

Who are you? You dream spoiler, spanner in my works, crusher of new leaves, innocence defiler, the catch that always lurks, prince of equanimity thieves.   The same old adversary, I’ve been fighting all my life. Happy anniversary, my shotgun wedding wife.   I never used to see your sneak attacks, timed perfectly, aligned back-to-back, … More Shadow Shiva


No! panic intruder action stations it needs removing no sleep until it’s gone everything on lockdown follow quarantine protocols corner and neutralise the hunter until the fox is out of the henhouse        

Papa’s Got a Brand New Piss Bag

I remember watching old James Brown concerts where towards the end he’d act like he was suddenly overcome with exhaustion from too much selfless soul sacrifice. He’d reach breaking point and start to stagger away from the microphone. At which point one of his disciples would leap up and put a special tiredness cloak around his shoulders before ever-so-carefully … More Papa’s Got a Brand New Piss Bag