Train Thingamajig #1

How many of these phone calls are really necessary? How the hell did people survive back in the dark ages before presumed round-the-clock telephone availability? How did they cope before basic consideration for others was usurped by the divine right to communicate loudly in a shared public spaces? How could people stand those fleeting empty hiatuses … More Train Thingamajig #1

A Warning to Future Supermarket Pretenders

I had the strangest vision… A future where versatile robots pick your weekly grocery shopping from sub-zero skyscraper warehouses and deliver it directly to your door. Where old folk past their best by dates, minds befuddled by insanely too much change and information, look back fondly through serotonin coloured spectacles on the old weekly shop. … More A Warning to Future Supermarket Pretenders


I need to prefix this FRIGGIN AMAZING blog post by stipulating that, in weird hermit parlance, “holidays” means “holidays-at-home” –  not your bourgeois bridge-and-tunnel crowd*** fancy pants sun-worshipping BOOBFESTS that I’ve heard so much about on the talky box. I heard tales of another Doubtpuppet who lived loooooong ago. It wore shorts and rubbed the … More Holidays

Begging the Question – Book Launch

Well my good buddy Sherbert Jellybabies has been at it again. He’s finally released his amazing book, Begging the Question! It’s a book of over 150 poems about OCD and depression, with supplementary sections discussing these disorders, a (somewhat onanistic) look at his life with OCD, and a shocking(and that is a word I assure you I reserve … More Begging the Question – Book Launch

The Good Old Days

In the good old days, the world was filled with different places, which might as well have been different planets. People in these different places were filled with wonder, about the people in other places. Places they’d heard whispers about around night time fires. Places they’d seen strange foods and fabrics from at market. Places whose … More The Good Old Days

No Fly Zone

A tiny fly jazz dances erratically in-between me and my screen. A brave if insanely foolish manoeuvre. The elders obviously haven’t warned him about me yet. I give him the benefit of the doubt and try to reason with him, but he’s having none of it. He’s hell bent on provoking an unnecessary altercation. I … More No Fly Zone

Some Place Else

It’s nearly time. We’re all so excited. We’re putting on our best things.   Well not really but it kinda feels that way somehow.   Me, Mum, Dad, and my brother. Well not Dad really, more like the new Dad without the problems, the real version that got buried under all the dirt.   But … More Some Place Else