Hey hospital woman stop staring at me!

I’m having a difficult time, can’t you see?


I just left a piece of my soul on the road,

that truck cut me up and I thought I’d explode.


Right now my anxiety’s ramped through the roof,

look into in my head if you want further proof.


When things get like this it’s so hard to relax,

my mind wanders off down these treacherous tracks.


Such slippery demons are tricky to spear,

and when I kill one, two brand new ones appear.


My mind throws me doubts like it’s throwing me blades,

it’s making me juggle too many grenades.


I have to dig in here and see this thing through,

cos otherwise terrible things will come true.


It might look to you like I’m acting uncouth,

but I’m catching Hell here, that’s God’s honest truth.


Forgive me if I don’t look quite how you’d like,

but this is the face of an OCD spike.


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